The ancient city of Badagry is a gold mine for tourism in Lagos which unfortunately, Nigerians are yet to fully explore. It has an aquatic endowment for water sports, leisure and commercial activities. This richness is the reason Prince Olu Kosoko likens Badagry with the city of Dubai – a place largely known for its massive tourism appeal. He has thus vowed to do everything in his power to make Badagry, the Dubai of Africa.

One of the historic narratives about this 440.3 square kilometre expanse is its slave port and market which was a major attraction for slave masters in the mid 1700s. Today, what was once a pain point has been harnessed for good in making this city one of Nigeria’s best explored tourist attractions for African citizens and many nationals.

The city which is just off the West African Coast boasts of momentous sites, interesting landscapes, cultural artifacts and relics from the slave trade era and opportunities yet to be explored. Badagry, apart from being known for slavery also has some ‘firsts’ in the civilization of Nigeria. These places can be centers of attraction for tourists.

Interesting sites, such as the Badagry Slave Musuem, Mobee Museum, the Vlekete Slave Market, First Nigerian Storey Building, Whispering Palms amongst other site attractions, bring thousands of people to explore the incredible city of Badagry.

There is also a large choice of cuisines from Nigeria to Continental – including exotic dishes like coconut shrimps, Spanish paella, Cantonese chicken, Ogbono spiced with Ugu and bitter leaf etc. It’s a fun and serene recreation facility which you’ll love to spend your weekend.


It’s beautiful location just beside the sea shore makes it a great destination for different water sports and activities. Family hangouts, retreats and recreational living are some high points people enjoy from exploring the location.

The many more opportunities for the city of Badagry are endless and this is why we see this location as the Dubai of Lagos.