The Genesis

What is today known to be the Olu Kosoko Foundation, a social enterprise initiative with the aim of impacting lives through education, entrepreneurship and empowerment evolved from an earlier philanthropic gesture by Prince Olu.

After completing his undergraduate education, Prince Olu thought about how he could make the best use of his free time being of value to his community. To achieve this, he convinced his group of friends to join in organizing a coaching session for students in underprivileged homes with three local government regions of Ojo, Ato Iwori and Iba.

The result of this was a campaign that had them moving from school to school to pitch their idea to potential students in need of the extra classes. When the school break was over, they had successfully gathered 40 students to be a part of their comprehensive coaching program organized by Vanguard Initiative Foundation for the 8-week program.

Our Success

Providing free Academic Training 40 students in 3 Lagos State Local Governments

The success of this program resulted in participants being trained in core subject areas like Mathematics, English, Sciences and Arts for their upcoming Joint Admissions Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination; a national examination administered for entrants seeking university admissions.

At the end of the teaching sessions, Vanguard Initiative gave out JAMB exam application forms to successful candidates upon the completion of their qualifying examinations. A number of the students from that time who successfully got into the university have since graduated and are achieving great things from knowledge gained through this process.


I, am a proud living testimony of one of this initiative. Through the efforts of the Vanguard Initiative in 2007, I was able to secure one of the distributed free JAMB forms, Being a beneficiary of free scholarship and the education endowment fund have influenced me to become who I am today and also positioned me to also give back to my community. Today I am a Legal Practitioner and I been able to take on a number of pro bono cases and also intend to do more charity work through my legal profession.

Our Upcoming Programs

We are intentional about creating programs that affect the lives of indigenes of different ages. Our goal is to however ensure that at whatever age or stage indigenes of Badagry are, they are well accustomed to the growing digital world and are exploring different means to use digital technology to their advantage.

This is why we seek to transform Iworo City into a digital hub as we turn our indigenes to digital citizens as well. Our digital empowerment programs would commence in the last quarter of 2020 with its pilot plan in Iworo. However, this would expand to the other regions of Badagry as well.