Prince Olu Kosoko sits on the board of companies that work toward the rich development of the antique city of Badagry. Building expertise in the different industries geared toward driving development, growth and international relevance for Badagry, his expertise cuts across Business Project Management, Tourism / Destination Branding Management, Real Estate Development and Hospitality.

Prince Olu Kosoko sits on the board of two major companies; Alpha Gravida and Labol Industries both of which foster the development and economic turn around for the city of Badagry.

Labol Industries Limited

Is a Real Estate Development, Tourism and Hospitality company. Headquartered in Badagry, the company employs indigenes within the region and trains them on delivering top-notch services to their clients.

Prince Olu sits on the board of Labol Industries and is a visionary in creating new paths for the business to thrive within the region whilst still attaining international recognition.

Alpha Gravida Consulting Limited

Is a Business Project Management, Tourism/Destination Branding Management and Media Consulting Limited. Established to find opportunities to explore opportunities for the Badagry corridor, the company was set up in 2019 and has successfully begun commencing the Iworo Holiday Island project.

Prince Olu leads a team of dedicated staff who share the same passion for his vision in bringing all elements of their work in record time.

Iworo Holiday Island, At Iworo, Badagry, Nigeria.

Prince Olu through his company Alpha Gravida, are primary consultants on the Iworo Holiday Island project in Iworo, Badagry. This project when completed would be open to institutions, individuals, businesses, partners, the film industry, government agencies, schools and especially tourists from different countries around the world. The potential yearly return of investment of the Iworo Holiday Island would run upwards of N250 million.

Alpha Gravida has presently been contracted to carry out comprehensive feasibility and business analysis studies of an Iworo community island which is to be the location of the project and this is in full effect that the moment.

The finished Holiday Island would feature a resort centre, water sport activities, a cultural & African centre, Historic Museum, Short Stay Accommodation, Outdoor Entertainment, Water Activities Serviced Apartments amongst many other features.

The project which is still in its early stages is on schedule and would see Alpha Gravida managing each stage of its development right up to the administration of tourist activities and revenue generation for the Island.