Inspirations are meant to be provided by those who are in the know of what motivation speaks about. Prince Olu Kosoko belongs to this category and he has been doing this for a while and never relenting. The amiable young man with a restless drive and a big dream to make the world a better place and he lives every day striving to play his part by helping the people around him and his heritage.

As many people have known that the ancient city of Badagry is rich but unfortunately, Nigerians are yet to fully enjoy the richness it possesses. It has an aquatic endowment for water sports, leisure and commercial activities. The Aremo of Iworo Kingdom, Badagry in Lagos, has been dreaming of the richness of the city to compare the city with Dubai as a place largely knows for its massive tourism appeal.

Prince Kosoko beliefs that Badagry is going to become a global brand and a thriving tourism site that would attract people from all over the world who want to experience the rich African heritage. Kosoko is the Principal Consultant of Alpha Gravida Consulting Limited Nigeria and also an expert in brand management and destination branding. While he is set to use his wealth of experience to bring massive development to fore ray of the hospitality business, he urged both international and local investors to tap into the opportunities in Badagry and invest in tourism, entertainment, and real estate.


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