Over the last few days, I have observed with keen admiration and deep interest regarding the global campaign about Police Brutality in Nigeria. This unity of purpose in our voices has never happened before in our generation and this clearly distinguished this particular protest as a unity of change, a voice of change, and an instrument of change.

2020 have taught us a lot about life from its uncertainties to its imbalance of opportunities and challenges to the human survival of aspirations and achievements, but most importantly, this year is reinforcing the fundamental notion that the youth is a voice of change and the voice of change is the youth particularly in Nigeria.

I have always been an advocate of youth inclusivity and engagement in all my endeavors through empowerment, education, and emancipation in our humanitarian activities.

Also, I believe that when young people rise up for a change, tremendous things can happen as you can see from this global protest in Nigeria… The world is looking at us and has joined in their support from sports legends, business tycoons, International celebrities, Media leaders because this change is real and deep.

With the vastly growing population of youths in this generation, we have a greater chance and opportunity to bring about the lasting change we all desire in Nigeria. Our little victories in the last days have clearly shown that our voices are transformational, empowering, and powerful.

We all know that decisions and policies made today will directly affect us as we inherit the future, that is if there is nothing still left in the future. The Nigeria youth today is empowered, informed, and have the capacity to have our voices heard at the decision-making table to drive results.

Our Badagry is not left out in its share of the current realities. We have been faced with multi police checkpoints on the Badagry Expressway, aggressive extortion, and inhumane police brutality which are grossly intolerable. We are also faced with the alarming challenge of Bad roads in which several campaigns and projects have been done with no or limited results, but we need a change and we need the change now!.

On this day, I know that our voice is instrumental in driving social change, capable of driving new narratives, advocating for equality and quality of life. Promoting access to quality healthcare, education, and gender equality. Thus, bringing about development and growth in our Nigerian society we all aspire and dream of.

I wholeheartedly salute the bravery, courage, determination, and resilience of our Youths to drive the change. Do not let anyone tell you that you do not matter or your voice is nothing, you are the change and the change is you!!!!

Currently, I am working with other concerned Badagry youths, organizations, and well-meaning persons to develop a strategic plan to engage creatively in this journey of change and not get lost in the media hype of this protest but to gain momentum results of change.